List of Organizations and People Who Support Us

Since 2007, we’ve been funded mostly by organizations and private individuals who’ve trusted us with their money.

How we were helped through the years:

Abraham Foundation introduced us to Arcus Foundation, together they assured the first send-off. Both continue to back and encourage the TL2 project, now, seven years later.

Soon afterwards US Fish and Wildlife Service joined Arcus and Abraham to allow us to stay in the field for nearly two years. USFWS through its various programs continues to provide essential opportunities for support.

Other groups/people brought more capacity and sub-projects: Iowa Great Ape Trust (communication), Canadian Ape Alliance (training and mapping), Edith McBean (primate studies). Some of these were short term and some continue to offer essential gifts and services.

Woodtiger Fund, a new foundation, joined in 2010 and still provides critical support.  Thank goodness they have had the flexibility to step in at frighteningly lean moments. Their particular focus is on elephants and great apes.

We also received critical seed money from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund to allow us to start work farther north, including the Tutu valley.

Arcus Foundation introduced us to another fund in 2011– that prefers anonymity — that has allowed us to push the initiative into the forest surrounding the core conservation zone in order to build management capacity.

Starting in 2015 and continuing through 2018 nearly half of our total funding is coming from the Wildcat Foundation.

The group, Rainforest Trust started contributing to our effort two years ago and now they are making a significant multi-year contribution to assure that formal conservation measures extend into the buffer zone in key areas.

List of organizations supporting us now:

And individuals :

  • Judy Knight in memory of her father
  • Edith McBean
  • Scott Taylor
  • Helena Lane
  • Debby Carter
  • Joan Strassmann
  • Philippe Dube
  • Benjamin Kaplan
  • Theresa Pope
  • Genna Anderson
  • Gene Rubin
  • Brenton Head
  • Duncan Goldie-Scot
  • Theresa Pope
  • Roger Ricketts
  • Marc Schwarz
  • Richard Finlayson
  • Eliot Schrefer
  • Colleen Moritz
  • John Cady
  • TR and HJ Hann
  • Izzy Eiss
  • Thomas Struhsaker
  • Edith McBean
  • Rebekah Carey
  • Jill Stoddard
  • Sonali Srinath
  • Brenda Bradt
  • Gino Cutajar
  • Andras Bartal
  • Lyddia Barnett
  • Robin Huffman
  • Agnes Hart
  • Clinnie A Cannon
  • Tracy Koon
  • Daniel Best
  • Lynne Bailey
  • Nina Taylor
  • Helena Lane
  • Bahar Tuncgenc
  • John McMilan
  • Elizabeth Brackett
  • Andreas Kroll
  • Kenneth Goldsmith
  • Artur Aysakov
  • Lawrence Culp Robinson
  • Shirley McGreal
  • Christina Bergey
  • Heather Comfort
  • Robert Gorman
  • Kimberly S. Harrell
  • Patricia J Latas
  • Janice Boyd
  • Catherine Buckley
  • And we need help from you!

Thanks to everyone. Right now, the new challenge is the buffer zone: security from bandits and support for the park.  But we will not lessen our surveillance and monitoring of the national park.