Ituri Story

The Ituri Story is  part of an autobiography, perhaps the only part that will ever be written. It rides through the years 1980-1983 with grounding in a more distant past and, inevitably, a pull forward from the decade that follows. The story is now written and, thereby tamed. But in the time I still have, I will always be thankful and always remember that it could have been otherwise…

Part 1 — the first years.

Part 2 — Peace Corps on the savanna.

Part 3 — arriving in the Mbutis’ forest.

Part 4 — learning the forest under pygmy tutelage.

Part 5 — returning to Eden.

Part 6 — generations along the Epulu.

Part 7 — accepting and preserving the ways of the forest.

Part 8 — coming to stay and passing through.

Part 9 — miracles in the forest.

Part 10 — war in the Ituri.