How You Can Help

We are a small foundation without an endowment.  Everything we spend we have to raise and our perspective is often not more than a couple months in advance.  Last year we had to let people off towards the end of the year to make ends meet.  That hurt because we are a tight ship and we need everyone.

It is a large project that we run efficiently, fairly and transparently.

Our money comes from proposals we write that are funded and spontaneous contributions. Please do contribute.

Here’s how you can help us:


We spend our money on…

  1. Equipment : where something always needs replacement, because nothing ever takes a break;
  2. Food and Fuel : where, be it belly or outboard, both eat as big as they work and that’s gargantuan;
  3. People : where super teams decipher the forest, unify mud-wattle villages, and galvanize backwater administrations.

View a detailed post just on what things cost. Like salaries, a dugout or GPS equipment.


Our money comes from…

  1. More than a dozen Organizations, maybe like yours
  2. Individual people like you, often of modest means…

View the updated list of supporters.