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Good for parrots? Good for Trappers.

The MULU parrot habitat is larger than we thought: maybe 65 km2.  Sometimes wide, sometimes narrow, papyrus swamplands with tall tree copses snake along the Bulali River lowlands through the forest heartland of Congo. It is here, near the papyrus, that African Grey parrots come (or perhaps came) in vast concentrations.  The Mulu Parrot landscape […]

Paying the Traffic Cop for Parrots test

Paying the Traffic Cop for Parrots test from fixrunner.

Paying the Traffic Cop for Parrots

African Grey parrots, unlike dodos (above), are still alive and in the wild.  But corruption, as in paying off the “traffic cops”, is pushing them ever closer to extinction.   A little money in the right place is all that is needed to swing a parrot cargo around “traffic jams” caused by a few inconvenient legal […]

A Message – Its Consequences

Someone telephoned the governor.  He proposed a 10,000 dollar bribe.   “Just let our ‘maisons’ keep the parrots we have now.”  But it was too late. The governor’s message was already public, since August 9th.  It was too late – or was it? There is a lot of money in a half-hidden parrot trade.  Far more […]