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Artist in Residence along the Lomami

Roger Peet (author of this post) sampling Ebambu fruit on his 2012 trip to the Lomami. I’ve made two trips to the TL2 region, the first in 2012 and the second earlier this year. Each time I’ve been overwhelmed by the richness and diversity of the country, the generosity and depth of the people, and […]

Walking with Polio above the Lomami

Post by John Hart On my last trip from Kindu to the Lomami River, I stopped at the little village of Bolaiti perched on a bluff overlooking the river just south of the park. It was here, in March 2011, during our bicycle and walking tour of the Lomami Park that we met Alima, a […]

In Memoriam – Victim of Kinshasa Plane Crash

Monday, 4 April 2011, a plane of the UN mission to DRCongo, Monusco, crashed on landing at the Kinshasa airport, N’djili. Thirty-three people lost their lives and among them, Mendes Masudi, who was Vice Governor of Maniema Province in 2009. Mendes Masudi, in front, arrives to give the opening speech at our first big workshop […]

Can a Hunter Change Professions at Kindu’s School for the Deaf?

The Mbuti-pygmies are a forest people and hunters who move around the forest attuned to sound. Their musical calls locate them through vast blind landscapes of trees. Their evening-song unites them in a fire-lit opening in a vast swaddle of trees. Okonde in a hunting party. He is on the bottom right. Okonde Salumu, too, […]