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A Message – Its Consequences

Someone telephoned the governor.  He proposed a 10,000 dollar bribe.   “Just let our ‘maisons’ keep the parrots we have now.”  But it was too late. The governor’s message was already public, since August 9th.  It was too late – or was it? There is a lot of money in a half-hidden parrot trade.  Far more […]

Brutal for Red-Fronted Parrots, too.

We had just rescued a “motorcycle cargo” of African Grey parrots.  We opened the basket –One, two left the basket for the cage, but they were green.  Three, four, five… all green.   In all 51 red-fronted green parrots (Poicephalus gulielmi) left the small motorcycle basket tilting, stumbling, waddling into the larger holding cages.  One already […]

Marking the Border

The problem is there, on the map – if a map could speak, it would be screaming. It would point to its northeastern side and say, “Here there will be anger and divisiveness.”  Even if most of the poaching is in the south, even though the map was created as a collective effort, with back […]

African Grey Parrots _ a history of loss

Grey Parrots belong in Maniema.There is a river called Kasuku (parrot in Swahili).There is a Kasuku quarter in the provincial capital, Kindu.Kasukus have power beyond other birds. “In our Kusu dialect we call the parrots, KOSO, that means Talker. A Talker has power. People listen.” Chief Pierre, who is now 65, told Salumu that there […]