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Parrot By-Catch

Baba Bondebo catches bats to supplement his family’s diet at their garden plot.  The fruit bat, Eidolon helvum, is frequently caught. Their agricultural fields of manioc, rice, and corn are 11 km walk from their house in Kindu, too far to walk out and back every day when there is planting, weeding, and birds must […]

Turning Parrot Disaster to Hope

Moise reports bad news… Moise, membner of the P3M Core Group, on far right, visiting a parrot nesting site on Lac Ndjale. March 16th Moise’s WhatsApp message : “Dear Core Group, the governor will grant 45 days to the parrot traders to evacuate 400 parrots they have in stock.”M This was the second time the […]

Wings to Fly

It took us a while to understand the incredible damage suffered by seized parrots brought into Kindu’s office of Parks and Conservation  (ICCN), And it took time to fully comprehend that our first efforts to discourage the illegal parrot trade, might have done just the opposite. The brutality of the trade became obvious when the […]

Elegy for an African Grey

You did not write this poem,but perhaps you felt it;your words, whistles, trills reachedfor it.  Of all parrots,your voiceinsisted most.There are now 102;with you there were 103. None have names, but perhaps you did.All seized from the trade,were pulled from palm-rachis carrying cases,off of motorbikes, pulledfrom the hold of a plane.But not you.Abducted, a nestlingfrom […]