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Daniel’s Intimate View of Lomami

Notes, photos and videos by Daniel Alempijevic The far south of Lomami National Park is nutrient-poor, seasonally flooded grasslands dotted with tree islands, or bosquets. Gallery forests project into these prairies, creating a fluted but, abrupt end to the rainforest blanket covering most of the park and most of the Congo Basin. The Luzaka prairie […]

Seismic Changes in Congo Conservation

We are beginning to believe in continental movements and the succession of ice ages.  We are beginning to believe in biologic and geographic ultimatum as mover of extinction and speciation.  We are living in an age of fire and flood, tsunami and sudden crevasse, the era of global pandemics. DR Congo should be central to […]

Protect Animals by Helping Hunters

In Lomami National Park we help hunters: We build metal-roofed shelters for them to sleep under when they cross the park;We clear the paths through the park they use to carry bushmeat to market;We give them vouchers so they will not be arrested by surveillance patrols. WHY? Because:  all the cultures around the southern park […]

A Strong Woman and her Matropopo

The efficient, economical answer to supply problems,  “MATROPOPO”,  showed up on John’s budget request for the northern park.  Whatever it was, it cost thousands of dollars.  How are we to explain Matropopo to the finance department in Frankfurt, Germany? John was in the forest camp of Katopa about to start the descent of the Lomami […]