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Lesser Known Facts about Okapis and the Leaves They Eat

An okapi in the enclosure at Epulu in the Ituri Forest, the Okapi Reserve. Photo by Kim Gjerstad Okapis are solitary. Where we studied them, the Ituri Forest, a single female Okapi would range over approximately 2 sq mi  (5-7  sq km) of forest that was uniquely her “own”.  All her food comes from this […]

December Links : bonobo in NYT, as painters, and as orphans

Kim Gjerstad, a great friend, puts together our “links-posts” for us.  He just sent this: We are sharing links now for the third consecutive month. These are the few pages on the Internet that grasped our attention. If you see anything online regarding okapis, bonobos or bushmeat, let us know ! First off, the New […]

Death by Tree Fall — A Close Call in the Congo Forest

John has met me here, in Kindu, and gave me this report of last week’s near disaster: Wednesday, 26 November dawned dark and wet at Camp Bonobo following a heavy all-night rain.  I woke wondering about the group of bonobos we had heard on the edge of camp the evening before.  How did they pass […]

Lesser Known History of Okapi

This is really OUR history WITH Okapi. Read this like an old photo album. Fading slides were digitized with a rather too-cheap home digitizer. The time period 1986 -1990. John and I were hired by New York Zoological Society to do a radio collar study of Okapi. We based in the village of Epulu in […]