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Okapi Dung along Congo’s Lomami River

David Stanton’s Adventures and Misadventures in TL2 ARRIVAL IN KINDU Hi, my name is Dave Stanton and I am a PhD student at Cardiff University, UK and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). My PhD is on an animal called okapi, which is a rainforest giraffe that lives only in the Democratic Republic of Congo […]

A Park for Bonobos? Do the Ancestors Want It?

We tried to convince MamaChefitaine, the Chief of the Bangengele, that a park was needed in her lands along the Lomami River. She did not disagree, but she was reserved. For many months she remained reserved. Then, one morning she came to the TL2 way-house in Kindu. She is a woman whose size and assurance […]

April links : bonobos & elephants

Well, we said we’d be sharing monthly links. The last ones came in December. But rest assured, there is not tons of news online for bonobos or elephants. If we did miss something, do share! Here we are in the meantime: The bonobo sanctuary in Kinshasa has been hit by a virus. Vanessa keeps her […]

President Kabila in the Home of the Okapi

Okapi in Epulu, the administrative center of the Okapi Reserve. Photo by Kim Gjerstad. The okapi, or rainforest giraffe, lives only in Congo and is most abundant in the rich forests just northwest of the Rwenzori Mountain.   This shy, solitary animal probably reaches its highest density in the Okapi Reserve which contained, before the recent […]