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From Kinshasa Oasis to Lomami Wilderness: Reflections on a Visit with Bonobos

Bonobo takes a break at Lola ya Bonobo Democratic Republic of Congo has higher diversity of great apes than any other country in the world. Along with humans there are at least four other species or subspecies in Congo. Of these, Grauer’s gorilla is found only in eastern D.R. Congo. The bonobo, also only in […]

Peacocks Preening All Along the Lomami

Is this gorgeous female congo peacock displaying for a group of males? “The male Congo Peacock is monogamous, though more information from the wild is needed.”  The monogamy of males is information gathered from observations made in zoos.  It is repeated in most Afropavo congensis sources. Our camera trap clips leave us wondering, however, if […]

Tiger Fish below the Lomami Rapids

The end of August brings the lowest water levels in middle Lomami, the season when tiger fish, Hydrocynus goliath, are most in evidence. The tiger’s teeth still grimace on top of the dugout paddle. These wide-ranging, fast swimming predators continuously crisscross the river’s remaining deep pools. Based on their appearance in shallow water, and their […]

A New Species of Monkey from the Center of Congo

John received a photo from Opala. “What is this Monkey?!” Georgette with her pet Lesula in Opala. It was still a juvenile when we first saw it. The monkey was a captive , our teams found it in 2007 when traveling south to do inventories in the vast roadless forests we call the TL2, the […]