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Inoko and the Camera Trap Thief

“There’s a new species of monkey at Bafundo” (Henri Silegowa) “I doubt it!” (John Hart) “Show me the photos. Where is the skin?” (still John) “The hunter refused to give up the skin, but,” Henri explained, “There are photos, still in the camera at Bafundo.” One of the photos on the Bafundo camera. It was […]

Lesula: Captured on Camera in the Lomami Basin

What brought Steven to Yawende in the Lomami Basin. My first real view of the N’Djili International Airport after the brief, disorienting excitement of my arrival in Kinshasa, DR Congo, was watching a plane take off. The medium sized, twin prop cargo plane arched into the sky; black, billowing smoke poured out of both engines […]

2012 Camera Traps Show Urgency of Protection for Lomami in 2013

The terrestrial Lesula, new species of monkey from TL2, strikes a pose for a hidden camera. At the close of 2012 we had 8 camera traps in the forest. The photos from the last few months of the year are reassuring. There were some surprises — and inspiration for the New Year.

A New Species of Monkey from the Center of Congo

John received a photo from Opala. “What is this Monkey?!” Georgette with her pet Lesula in Opala. It was still a juvenile when we first saw it. The monkey was a captive , our teams found it in 2007 when traveling south to do inventories in the vast roadless forests we call the TL2, the […]