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Watching Congo’s Grey Parrots Perish

Nestling parrots plucked from tree holes in their Banagumba communal nesting site for the parrot trade. The export of Congo’s African Grey parrots was first recorded in the 1980s and exports rose sharply in the 1990s (CITES and Birdlife Int’l). In the 21st century the exports have far surpassed the CITES quota of 5000 birds […]

A Quiet Step Towards Creation of the Lomami National Park

The Congo River slips over a long series of rapids at its 90 degree articulation. At the center of Congo, at the bend in the great River Congo, there is a town that was once – in the colonial era –an industrial center and was once – in early post-independence – a hopeful university town, […]

Down the Congo River: from Ritual Sacrifice to Governor’s Desk

The imperturbable ancestor sat in front of the plantains at the opening of the ceremony. Our last tambiko took place in the village of Masiri, a 6km walk inland from the port village of Lowa on the Congo-Lualaba River. This was a ceremony of the Mituku peoples and the Lengola peoples. Their ancestors know this […]

Taking a Dugout around Congo’s Rapids-the Easy Way

Heading south to Kindu. Taking a dugout in a truck from one port to another is sort of like carrying a heaving carp in a wagon from one pond to another pond. In the truck the dugout is a convincing “fish out of water”. Nevertheless, Sabin, our helmsman, assured me this was the least expensive […]