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D.R. Congo’s Giant Pangolins : Two Tons of Scales Seized

Tip of giant Pangolin tail smoked for sale. The scales were removed and sold separately to an Asian market. The market for pangolin scales is exploding in D.R. Congo. Jules (not real name) called our attention to it in 2016. He is our crime sleuth around the northern Lomami buffer zone. In the town of […]

Pleading for Elephants in Open Air Court by the Congo River

The public trial started on Tuesday the 19 of April 2016 on the steps of the Kisangani post office. At the base of the wide stairs, was the ample city park and beyond that the silent Congo River. Captain Bosongo stands accused as Kisangani gathers below. The public ministry had 5 cases against military for […]

Kisangani, Ravaged Again by Congo River Floods

Une Affaire d’Hommes – A Man’s affair – is the writing on the flooded tavern. Historical data is limited, but it appears that Congo River’s annual high water season at Kisangani results in major inundations every 15 to 18 years. Large parts of the city are flooded. Dugouts ply the flooded streets. Kisangani’s location on […]

Ivory Sting Operation – for Lomami Elephants

Ranger (center) in 2008 during his arrest for Ivory poaching. After 2 years in prison, he is back poaching Lomami elephants. Four gangs are now poaching the remnant elephant population of the Loamami Park: — Ranger’s gang from north west of the park, — Tchuma’s gang from the north center of the park, — Sylva’s […]