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Woman Stops Elephant Extermination

Early 20th century. Kisangani. Proud display of Ivory for a single export shipment. Main source of ivory: the Lomami. It is little consolation that this will never be possible again. Never. Late December 2012. A woman working in her garden by Yosenge exchanges greetings with a small group returning from the forest. They have an […]

Brother Maurice: Life Lived and Lost along the Lualaba

Birth : 16 February 1947, Saignelerie, Switzerland Death: 3 February 2012, Kindu, DR Congo It would have been a quiet life, lived in the service of God and a good people – except for the war. A grainy photo from an old album. Frère Maurice did not document his life. Brother, or Frére, Maurice came […]

On the Congo River, from One Town to the Next

by Jesse Brooke (who was our bicycle mechanic, fellow-trekker on the trip to the inselbergs) Forget Joseph Conrad, forget Henry Morton Stanley, I was just trying to get from Kisangani upriver to Kindu and what other route to take, in the absence of road or rail, but the river-road everyone else takes? Pulling out from […]

Taking a Dugout around Congo’s Rapids-the Easy Way

Heading south to Kindu. Taking a dugout in a truck from one port to another is sort of like carrying a heaving carp in a wagon from one pond to another pond. In the truck the dugout is a convincing “fish out of water”. Nevertheless, Sabin, our helmsman, assured me this was the least expensive […]