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ITURI STORY. Putnam’s Palais – Part 6

Sarah and friends “read” by our new Palais home. Sarah looking at her friend, Kole. The first days at our new home (parcelle) were sheer delight for Sarah and Basisionoko. He spent more time at the door of his kitchen laughing with the children than tending his beans. By contrast, the Station with its military […]

ITURI STORY. Putnam’s Palais – Part 5

Sarah with kids from the Palais Camp after our move to Putnam’s Palais. Basisionoko started the kitchen fire by 6:15. On his way to dip water to wash last night’s dishes he stopped to greet Sarah. “Madami”,he called her. They got along capitally. She clutched the hand he held out for shaking between both of […]

ITURI STORY. Turnbull’s Footsteps — Part 4

View of an Mbuti hunting camp in the forest. Sarah, not yet three years old, needed a responsible companion. We first tried a local Mundaka girl, Annie. She was 18, not married and mainly interested in the young park guards strutting around the station. Sarah only wanted to be in the smokey kitchen with Basisionoko […]

ITURI STORY. Turnbull’s Footsteps – Part 3

An Okapi of the Ituri Forest. Photo by Kim Gjerstad. Our entry to the Ituri Forest was not brilliant. Sarah was ill in Kinshasa (an earache) and then again in Kisangani (diarrhea). I, too, suffered from untreated drinking water.