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ITURI STORY. Anarchy in the Year 2000 — Part 10

The front motorcycle enters the forest after the village of Komanda We were impressive: A whole cavalcade of motorcycles. Or perhaps not so impressive.   On the back roads of the United States, where we just came from, we would be ridiculous. The motorcycles were little Yamaha 100s, tough machines, but not the American bull-machines that […]

ITURI STORY. Wakati wa Vita – Part 9

John and Rebekah in the forest. Rebekah almost 6 months old. The hunting net strung behind them. After more than two years in Epulu, we still started each morning with a face wash at the river. For a few minutes the morning was just the river: the cool feel of it against our faces, its […]

ITURI STORY. Crossing the Forest – Part 8

Sarah and Musilianji in the forest near Palais before her Elima. The rains started early in 1982. They were daily and they were heavy. In the village, for some women, the rains were a time of minimal work. Long afternoons with only sombe to pound. For others, like Azama, without a husband, with a lazy […]

ITURI STORY. Dead and Preserved — Part 7

Musilianji, second in line, as Elima dances through town. A short obituary for Patrick Putnam appeared in the Explorers Journal in 1954, a year after his death. (winter/spring edition, Explorer’s Club, NY). James Chapin, the author, had introduced Patrick to the all-male and smoky New York Explorer’s clubroom in 1929. Who then could have foreseen […]