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About Elephants and Pigeons in Congo’s Forests.

There is a small forest opening in the mile after mile of closed forest that stretches east from the Lomami River and into the watershed of its tributary, the Loidjo. Fifteen years ago and “forever” before that, people came not to hunt, but to make salt. They came with traditional clay pots and boiled the […]

Ghost Town on the Congo River

The ruins of Ramazani Riba-Riba’s store at Lokando. Ramazani was the first of three sons shot dead in front of Chief Riba-Riba during the post-independence rebellion of 1964. Our cross forest trip to Camp Bonobo started at Lokando, an ancient port on the Lualaba/Congo. Our dugout pulled up at the beach; we unloaded our motorcycles […]

April links : bonobos & elephants

Well, we said we’d be sharing monthly links. The last ones came in December. But rest assured, there is not tons of news online for bonobos or elephants. If we did miss something, do share! Here we are in the meantime: The bonobo sanctuary in Kinshasa has been hit by a virus. Vanessa keeps her […]

Off Track Towards Congo’s Future: the Train.

On the map, the Congo River is the perfect commercial conduit for Congo.  Shouldn’t it be far superior to America’s Mississippi which, like Germany’s Rhine or France’s Rhone, is basically just a north-south run.  The Congo bends through the full range of Congo’s environments as though to accommodate whatever wealth or production each might offer […]