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How to Move a Village ?

Obenge, seemed a peaceful village… … though impoverished and utterly remote with no school and no health care. In 2007 the TL2/Lukuru project made its first landing at Obenge and soon it became our first base camp along the Lomami. About Obenge: it first appeared on maps in the early 1920s. It was not yet on this […]

A Tomb for Whom – on the Lomami?

Roger was a volunteer with our project and an enthusiast of small creatures. The only thing I (Roger) knew I would do in Obenge village was to build a monument on the site of the Tambiko. or meeting with the ancestors. At that meeting (August 2011) it was agreed by authorities large and small, from […]

Brother Maurice: Life Lived and Lost along the Lualaba

Birth : 16 February 1947, Saignelerie, Switzerland Death: 3 February 2012, Kindu, DR Congo It would have been a quiet life, lived in the service of God and a good people – except for the war. A grainy photo from an old album. Frère Maurice did not document his life. Brother, or Frére, Maurice came […]

The Final Slaughter of Elephants is One by One.

Here is a sad story which, alas, is true: Hundreds of northern white rhinoceroses were slaughtered on the northern savanna of Congo in the 1970s and early 80s.  Their horns were shipped to the Middle East and Asia.  There was a brief recovery in the late 80s and 90s.  Then, in this the 21st century, […]