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Final Trip down Congo’s National Road #1 : Kinshasa to Lubumbashi

Welcome to the road. Carved from a palm tree, magic grigri around neck, his mute welcome warns travelers as they head east…

Camera Traps Keep Unblinking Vigil on the Lomami Forest

Field update from John Hart and Maurice Emetshu Elephants with muddy knees amble by night around a clearing in the northern TL2 forest. This year, for the first time, we used camera traps in the TL2 forests to learn about animals that, previously, we knew only by the signs they left behind — their tracks, […]

How Many Bonobos Live in the Forest?

A male bonobo with something to say, but probably not the answer The answer to this apparently simple question is far from straightforward: Example: Imagine you dive into a murky sea. You are counting a certain kind of fish; you must identify a particular flash of bronze in the mix of silvers and blues. A […]

Lessons from the Lomami

By Eleanor (Jojo) Hart — born in DRCongo (Zaire) 22 years ago. Knee-deep on a rainy-season trail in the Lomami Park I returned to Congo this September. My friend Andrew Bernard and I, both with newly earned undergraduate degrees, traveled together. He continued directly to the Lomami Park to spend three months studying birds. Before […]