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Bonobo Meat at Kindu Market Rate

The hunter, the bonobo, and the shotgun that killed her. We thought we were making progress in 2009. Every village had poster pictures of bonobos and other completely protected species. “Not to shoot!” Certainly the killing would go down.

Four-Legged Curiosity and Another Camera Trap Thief

Is this Lesula curious? After all, the camera trap is a novelty, although it strives to be too cryptic to notice.

From Kinshasa Oasis to Lomami Wilderness: Reflections on a Visit with Bonobos

Bonobo takes a break at Lola ya Bonobo Democratic Republic of Congo has higher diversity of great apes than any other country in the world. Along with humans there are at least four other species or subspecies in Congo. Of these, Grauer’s gorilla is found only in eastern D.R. Congo. The bonobo, also only in […]

2012 Camera Traps Show Urgency of Protection for Lomami in 2013

The terrestrial Lesula, new species of monkey from TL2, strikes a pose for a hidden camera. At the close of 2012 we had 8 camera traps in the forest. The photos from the last few months of the year are reassuring. There were some surprises — and inspiration for the New Year.