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After a Long Pause

This blog was silent too long – BUT not because there is no news in and around the Lomami National Park!   Here are a few of the big events since September: Ranger’s band came singing to Opala for the surrender.  The white head bands denote surrender.  Ranger himself came later on a motorbike. EVENT […]

Leaving during Lock-down

Back in Kinshasa at least 50% of people wear masks, but the best service the masks render is to catch sweat coming off the chin.  The freedom of mouth and nose are unimpaired. I was in Kindu, in the interior of DR Congo, the province of Maniema.  When I said I needed to travel despite […]

Elephant Poacher Joins our Team

Two major elephant poachers asked to come out of the forest to rejoin society. Kitona, previously an infamous elephant poacher, on recent trip with TL2 teams into Park. Once, in 2018, Ranger and Kitona sent an emissary to Bangaliwa “we are ready to talk with the general.” We had no way to handle a major […]

View from Congo : Covid-19 and Violence

Above map shows the rate of geographic spread of Covid-19 in Congo Covid-19 confinement in the USA was to open cautiously – but unjustified police brutality, resulting in death of yet another black man, was the rupture through which mass protests poured through city streets of USA.  Violence broke out and escalated in the urban […]