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Dead: One Bonobo and One Man

The bonobo was killed first. It was 2018, on November 18th.  A patrol team, led by Elias Omana, was on surveillance in a forested part of the Lomami National Park near a point we call KK/4.   There was a scuffle of leaves.  Poachers were near.  The surveillance team ran, but the poachers were gone…they […]

Christmas 2020 on the Lomami River

We wanted the usual Christmas …as always, we planned to head back to family in the States.  We had our air tickets already in early November. Instead, our Christmas party was at Kakongo Camp on the Lomami River where John shared the smidgen of Johnnie Walker left in his single bottle. BECAUSE the USA Covid […]

A Look into the Future

In December, the Lomami National Park is already sodden, breeding and heavy as it roles through its four month rainy season:  flooded rivers, flowing prairies, submerged bridges.  Not the best time to visit. A wet morning start on the path from the post at Chombekilima towards the park. But there were just two weeks open […]

After a Long Pause

This blog was silent too long – BUT not because there is no news in and around the Lomami National Park!   Here are a few of the big events since September: Ranger’s band came singing to Opala for the surrender.  The white head bands denote surrender.  Ranger himself came later on a motorbike. EVENT […]