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Marking the Border

The problem is there, on the map – if a map could speak, it would be screaming. It would point to its northeastern side and say, “Here there will be anger and divisiveness.”  Even if most of the poaching is in the south, even though the map was created as a collective effort, with back […]

African Grey Parrots _ a history of loss

Grey Parrots belong in Maniema.There is a river called Kasuku (parrot in Swahili).There is a Kasuku quarter in the provincial capital, Kindu.Kasukus have power beyond other birds. “In our Kusu dialect we call the parrots, KOSO, that means Talker. A Talker has power. People listen.” Chief Pierre, who is now 65, told Salumu that there […]

A Wonderful, Impossible Year

I stepped out of my comfort zone in September 2021 and stayed there until the end of December 2022.  It was not, thank goodness, 100% dismal: I was never more immersed in the Lomami National Park – that I love; I was never closer to my husband – whom I love; I worked closely with […]

Daniel’s Intimate View of Lomami

Notes, photos and videos by Daniel Alempijevic The far south of Lomami National Park is nutrient-poor, seasonally flooded grasslands dotted with tree islands, or bosquets. Gallery forests project into these prairies, creating a fluted but, abrupt end to the rainforest blanket covering most of the park and most of the Congo Basin. The Luzaka prairie […]