We Updated our “About Us” Section

People are the key to conservation. Through people we learn about the forest of the Lomami Park and its buffer zone. People working with people build the collaborations necessary to secure a ring of managed forest around the park. There are more trained, dedicated and inspired people on the TL2 project staff now than a couple of years ago. Their voices are in the posts…. Now you can read about them individually through the About us section as well.

crossing a stream on elephant census_2016
Elephant census team in northern part of Lomami Park.

Our interviews are an ongoing process. More of the Lukuru/TL2 workers will introduce themselves on this site over the next few weeks and months, after they get out of the forest and we meet up in camp or town.

Nevertheless, not all of the people will be represented who make it possible for this project to move forward and the park to remain secured. It would be impossible to include them all individually. Nevertheless please feel free to ask about any of our staff or collaborators here: teresehart@gmail.com


Special request for our staff, needed before the end of July 2016:

Junior and Matthieu, would both benefit enormously and have much to share with fellow students at a field course in Tanzania. It will improve their capacity to use GIS for mapping, monitoring and analysis.

We need 7 thousand dollars for their pre-course English training, travel, travel documents and tuition. Please help us.

And do mention that it is for Junior and Matthieu.

This course will help Junior and Matthieu advance their field and analytical skills and they will be able to share with and learn from students of a wide international background. Both Junior and Matthieu speak some English but will need to get better for the course. We will organize a 2-week very intense English training for them in Kinshasa and see how far their incredible motivation will take them.

Many thanks and all donations are very appreciated.

 Dugout at Katopa camp before loading for patrol mission
Dugout before loading for a patrol mission in the southern Lomami Park.

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