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Searching from Forest Duff to Forest Canopy for a Critically Endangered Monkey

We had no idea that the critically endangered dryas monkey, existed in the TL2 watersheds until, in 2014, Henri saw a hunter’s kill hung for sale near our Bafundo camp, in the Balanga village of Bafundo. He knew the monkey was different from any he had seen before. John suspected it was the dryas monkey, […]

Is it Possible to Save Congo’s Parrots?

African Grey Parrots descend to the ground at the Aikongo forest clearing, northwest of the Lomami Park. I returned to TL2 in April of this year to spend 3.5 months visiting important parrot sites around the park. My aim was to develop methods to monitor parrot numbers at these sites, as well as to investigate […]

Lomami’s East Bank : Forest Sliced Open

Clouds race across the sky above Boha savanna as we trudge beneath. The Lomami flows northward from sources far south of the equator. The tributary rivers on the two sides of the Lomami run different colors. The right-bank rivers, those draining the east, run clear, but dark with tannins. Tea color. Filtered clean by white […]

From Kinshasa Oasis to Lomami Wilderness: Reflections on a Visit with Bonobos

Bonobo takes a break at Lola ya Bonobo Democratic Republic of Congo has higher diversity of great apes than any other country in the world. Along with humans there are at least four other species or subspecies in Congo. Of these, Grauer’s gorilla is found only in eastern D.R. Congo. The bonobo, also only in […]