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Morgan is Dead! What follows for Congo’s Forests?

Morgan (with gun) and some of his men in a gold camp in the Ituri in 2013. Last Saturday (April 12th), Morgan (alias Paul Sadala) with more than forty of his men, all armed, came out of the forest and presented themselves to the local authorities at Badengaido, a small village 50 km west of […]

Building Congo’s National Park within a Ring of Terror

Rape, pillage and strategic murder mark out a ring of terror and make a border of security for the lawless. François, the father of Kakongo’s chief, was beaten by Thoms’s outlaws because his son did not reject the park.

Dugout Trip to Reclaim the Northern Lomami Park

We pushed off from Opala with two pigs, four goats, several chickens and a duck to eat along the way. We were a bit crowded in the dugout. We had to make the trip. It was the only way to know if armed rebels still lurk the banks of the Lomami River; the only way […]

Take it to Court, but the Final Word is with the Elders

Leon sent the news by email on 6 May. He had gotten an SMS by thuraya (sateliite phone): “Yesterday, poachers fired on the monitoring patrol led by Kinois Kitoko. They were on the Gbado savanna.” Kinois checking marking tape in the Park.