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Justice or Vengeance in the Heart of Africa?

Case from TL2: the disappearance of Bernard Botumba. Park guard Michel is blamed for the disappearance of Bernard. Watch for these biases in the text: (§§) local politics (++) retribution for past wrongs (‡‡) extortion Who is Bernard? Bernard has disappeared. He is a cousin of the past chief of the Balanga (§§) who was […]

Fighting Arson with Fire-Power along the Lomami

The chief of the bangengele doing outreach for the park before we put in bridges. Her house, too, went up in flames. See below. Arsonists burned three of our base camps in just over a year. The first conflagration was Lohumonoko, It was set on fire in February 2014. Most staff were in the forest, […]

Morgan is Dead! What follows for Congo’s Forests?

Morgan (with gun) and some of his men in a gold camp in the Ituri in 2013. Last Saturday (April 12th), Morgan (alias Paul Sadala) with more than forty of his men, all armed, came out of the forest and presented themselves to the local authorities at Badengaido, a small village 50 km west of […]

Building Congo’s National Park within a Ring of Terror

Rape, pillage and strategic murder mark out a ring of terror and make a border of security for the lawless. François, the father of Kakongo’s chief, was beaten by Thoms’s outlaws because his son did not reject the park.