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African Grey Parrot Bust _ Now What?

Recently dead African Grey Parrots are scattered through the periwinkle at a holding site of one of Byart Birds’s local buyers. Four motorbikes loaded with baskets of African Grey Parrot chicks crossed the Kasuku River for Kindu on February 14th just as it grew dark. The security officer on duty knew that they were illegal. […]

Trained and Ready for a National Park

Washi, a new park guard, on duty near front-line skirmish with the criminal Thoms. 7 February 2016 — It was well after dark when I got a call from Alatcho. He and four others had arrived at the ICCN (parks) office in Kindu from Dingi. They were now park guards. Washi on the far left […]

Ivory Sting Operation – for Lomami Elephants

Ranger (center) in 2008 during his arrest for Ivory poaching. After 2 years in prison, he is back poaching Lomami elephants. Four gangs are now poaching the remnant elephant population of the Loamami Park: — Ranger’s gang from north west of the park, — Tchuma’s gang from the north center of the park, — Sylva’s […]

Villages and Gunfire along the Lomami

Karsten and his team returning to Obenge after third time under gunfire in less than a month. We planned to meet part way. John, Matthieu and myself were to take a dugout moving downstream from Katopa camp. In the meantime, Karsten who now directs activities at the northern Obenge camp would take a dugout upstream. […]