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Village theatre in Congo’s Outback

Talking with villagers in remote villages around the new Lomami Park-to-be can only be done one way: face-to-face. There just isn’t any other way – no other means of communication. This February, we tried something new near the park’s eastern border, in Maniema province, about 70 km northeast of the city of Kindu where Project […]

Congo: Multiple Fractures and No Insurance

So, believe in whom you trust and trust what you know. Mother cradles son with broken femurs. Two years ago we sent teams to the most remote villages to record people’s opinions about the coming national park. They brought back harrowing tales, along with filled out questionnaires. How is a medical emergency handled without doctors, […]

Dear Daughter – a note to Jojo from the Lomami

Annie’s baby, Jojo, a few days ago, with her grandmother. When we came into Katopa camp, Pasteur Wemba was there to greet us as usual, and soon sweeping up a place to put our tents. But Henri touched him on the shoulder . And John said “Pole, Pole sana”. People addressed him with heads down. […]

Take it to Court, but the Final Word is with the Elders

Leon sent the news by email on 6 May. He had gotten an SMS by thuraya (sateliite phone): “Yesterday, poachers fired on the monitoring patrol led by Kinois Kitoko. They were on the Gbado savanna.” Kinois checking marking tape in the Park.