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Village theatre in Congo’s Outback

Talking with villagers in remote villages around the new Lomami Park-to-be can only be done one way: face-to-face. There just isn’t any other way – no other means of communication. This February, we tried something new near the park’s eastern border, in Maniema province, about 70 km northeast of the city of Kindu where Project […]

Take it to Court, but the Final Word is with the Elders

Leon sent the news by email on 6 May. He had gotten an SMS by thuraya (sateliite phone): “Yesterday, poachers fired on the monitoring patrol led by Kinois Kitoko. They were on the Gbado savanna.” Kinois checking marking tape in the Park.

Will Village Murder bring Village Rebirth?

Recently murdered, Kapere Molangi, is third from left in this picture taken at the beginning of the Abraham prize ceremony in 2010. In August 2001, the isolated village of Obenge was the scene of a massacre: 10 people tied up and bludgeoned to death with sticks. Kapere Molangi discovered the bodies, or what remained after […]

I LIVE HERE — in Lomami’s far out-back

Mangazumbu mama minces no words. The rains have started. The scents are wonderful. Hanging lianas brush fragrant flowers against our faces as the motorbikes speed along brief stretches of dry path. Mostly, though, we are walking ahead or behind the “motos” on our way to Mangazumbu. Half the time we are wading – often knee […]