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Animals killed in the bush for food. Bushmeat trading is one of the main sources of cash for people in TL2. Traders and hunters come from 100s of kilometers to exploit TL2 forests.

Bonobo Meat at Kindu Market Rate

The hunter, the bonobo, and the shotgun that killed her. We thought we were making progress in 2009. Every village had poster pictures of bonobos and other completely protected species. “Not to shoot!” Certainly the killing would go down. Hunter from Tshombe Kilima puts bonobo carcass on the fire. More progress in 2012: a hunter […]

Dugout Trip to Reclaim the Northern Lomami Park

We pushed off from Opala with two pigs, four goats, several chickens and a duck to eat along the way. We were a bit crowded in the dugout. We had to make the trip. It was the only way to know if armed rebels still lurk the banks of the Lomami River; the only way […]

Will Village Murder bring Village Rebirth?

Recently murdered, Kapere Molangi, is third from left in this picture taken at the beginning of the Abraham prize ceremony in 2010. In August 2001, the isolated village of Obenge was the scene of a massacre: 10 people tied up and bludgeoned to death with sticks. Kapere Molangi discovered the bodies, or what remained after […]

Congo’s Explosive Outback

A military brigade encamped in the tiny village of Obenge buries one of its own. The outback of DR Congo is infiltrated with fortune seekers, outlaws, rebels and criminals. These are not all equally dangerous, but the “lawless” can quickly become “criminal”. The tiny isolated village of Obenge was taken hostage. The process of its […]