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Village theatre in Congo’s Outback

Talking with villagers in remote villages around the new Lomami Park-to-be can only be done one way: face-to-face. There just isn’t any other way – no other means of communication. This February, we tried something new near the park’s eastern border, in Maniema province, about 70 km northeast of the city of Kindu where Project […]

Lesula: Captured on Camera in the Lomami Basin

What brought Steven to Yawende in the Lomami Basin. My first real view of the N’Djili International Airport after the brief, disorienting excitement of my arrival in Kinshasa, DR Congo, was watching a plane take off. The medium sized, twin prop cargo plane arched into the sky; black, billowing smoke poured out of both engines […]

Building Congo’s National Park within a Ring of Terror

Rape, pillage and strategic murder mark out a ring of terror and make a border of security for the lawless. François, the father of Kakongo’s chief, was beaten by Thoms’s outlaws because his son did not reject the park.

From Congo’s Traditional Healer to Kinshasa’s General Hospital

Jeanne in the hospital waiting for Tuesday to come — with some trepidation. We are relieved. More correctly we are hopeful – even confident – that Jeanne will be able to walk again. We went to Jeanne’s uncle; we went to Jeanne’s older brother. We pleaded with them to convince the family. Finally Tuesday night […]